June 30, 2015

Summer So Far

We have flown through June and tomorrow marks the first day of July, which happens to be the best month of the year and full of fun stuff. Summer so far has been pretty dang busy. I sometimes don't sit down until I am laying horizontal in my bed and I kind of like it that way. I am feeling more comfortable in our house and even loving the thought and feeling of saying "our house". We still have a long ways to go, but I am trying to be content. One thing I do not want to be content with is the front door frame falling in or out? ... Y'all, I can move the wall myself and the front door does not shut unless you slam it. This is a problem.

But, moving past that. I have air conditioning, a roof over my head, and a place to call home that is full of love and muddy paws.

June 5th we lost a dear soul and friend. Sue fought a hard 18 month battle against her second round of cancer. She passed away Friday night and we will forever miss her, but are so glad to have spent 18 years with her. She was a second mother to me and someone I always knew would be there. I wanted so badly to bring home my future babies to her. I was blessed and thankful to get to share my nieces with her and my pups. Sue was a firecracker and someone I am so thankful to have loved and been loved by. Cancer sucks. It absolutely does, but cancer cannot shatter hope. It cannot cripple love, it cannot suppress memories. It cannot invade the soul. It cannot kill friendship or corrode faith. Cancer cannot steal eternal life. And it cannot conquer the spirit.

So far we have visited Colorado, celebrated a beautiful wedding! Our grandparents and cousins from Colorado came down as well as Gram and Papa to celebrate my little sister graduating high school! Cue the tears... just kidding I didn't cry, but I did feel all the feels. She is at freshmen orientation right now and I can't really wrap my head around her going to college... wasn't I just in college and she was just a blonde headed tot running around behind me? Time flies people. Before that we celebrated Memorial Day with a fish fry and pool time. That same weekend we celebrated Paw Paws 82nd birthday in Abilene!

My dad and sister planned a trip to Canada and on whim I decided to go with! It was so fun. Canadians are pretty cool and Vancouver was beautiful. Our niece Maddyn turned 1! Griffey was fixed at one of the chop shops for $20... yes I did that and no I don't feel bad. He was 20 weeks old so it was easy breezy and nothing has slowed him down! Yes, I still totally support our local vet and take our dogs there for everything else. Josh moved in with us about three weeks ago and let me tell you its been nothing short of fun. Josh and Cam sit and giggle and talk all night and its pretty cute. We are pretty lucky to have such good friends.

We leave for Cabo in a few days! I can't wait. The salty and humid air is going to make my hair crazy and I just don't care! My only plans are to drink a margarita, Mai Tai, and eat some calamari. We are crossing our fingers and praying that we make the flights we are listed on because I don't want to find out what its like to be on the street in Mexico. While in Mexico I will turn 24! That sounds crazy, I used to think anything over 18 was so old and part of me does feel super old and wondering why the heck I haven't started my life and the other part is perfectly fine where I am in life.

Here are a handful of my favorite pictures thus far. I plan on recapping Canada in its entirety, but who knows if that will happen.

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