May 14, 2015

Callyn Avery

     Sunday May 10, 2015 we got to welcome a new baby into our family! Cam's oldest brother Coby and his wife, Bradey, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We made a fast and furious trip to OKC driving through rainstorm, thunderstorms, and craziness to see this precious baby girl.

Callyn Avery you are so beautiful and we are so glad we could be there to see your first day! We can't wait to watch you grow. You will be a loving, kind, and wonderful little girl like your big sister Adelaide!

Speaking of your big sister she loves you so much already! She loved seeing, touching, and talking about you. "My Baby Callyn" were the words I heard out of her all day long. You also have a bunch of cousins that are so excited for you to be here! This big family you were born into may overwhelm you a bit at first, but I am sure you will love it! Your Aunts and Uncles are so happy you are here as well.

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