October 5, 2014

8 years

    September & October are always fun months.... they are the beginning of fall, football, campfires, and really the start of all the Holiday fun. These months are even more special to me because they hold memories of first meeting and starting a relationship with Cam. This year, 2014, marks EIGHT years of being with Cameron.

8 years.
423 weeks.
2,964 days.
71,136 hours.

That is a lot of time spent together, a lot of time spent apart, a lot of time spent watching football, even more time watching baseball. There were a lot of hours spent traveling across state lines, family trips, and family dinners. 8 years means we have spent 8 Christmas Holidays together, 8 Thanksgivings, 8 New Years, and all of the others. I have been there to meet his baby nieces and nephews. We have seen each others' siblings grow up. With all that time there are tons of memories. Good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. I wouldn't change them for the world.

Cam and I have not only grown up together, but we have grown as individuals. I was only 15 when we started dating and he was 16. Y'all, teenagers... we were basically babies. We have grown in Christ, in our families, and within each other. I can honestly say he is the one I can count on for anything. I am so grateful God crossed our paths and that He has been there to hold us accountable to each other.

I love reminiscing on the past with him and I look forward to the future. I dream of raising kids with this man. I dream of building a home. I dream of telling our kids our story.

8 years is only the beginning... bring it on life!

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