October 8, 2014

Weekend Update

Weekend update on a Wednesday... this has been the longest week ever. Last weekend Cam and I loaded up the truck Saturday morning and headed up to Oklahoma. I love going up there and am so grateful that we are able to whenever we want. In just over an hours drive we can end up in my Gram & Papa's driveway being welcomed my dogs and two smiling faces. It really is the best. Saturday's weather was pretty perfect as well, the sun was out and there was a cool breeze in the air. Fast forward to this week and it was 98. This is why I am living in the past this week.... 98 y'all. that is Summer weather.

I think those leaves are trying to change colors

Barn cats... love being in a place that has those 

these two... 

Deuce is pretty happy wherever he goes, but I think we can agree he is extra happy out here

because we are still Texans... Steak fingers for the win

Papa and Dad got a new to us tractor... I think its going to perfect for hay rides around town. 

Ol' Skip... She's going on 17 years old and is feeling her age these days. 

There are two coyotes out there... you just can't see them in this picture

Dolly girl was making sure the boys didn't need any help unloading the cows

She's a beauty

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