August 14, 2014

Apartment living

    Cam & I have been living in our apartment for over a year now and we just (hesitantly) renewed our lease for a few more months. Living in an apartment has taught me a handful of things... mostly that I need my own space and so does Cam. I have also learned that not having roommates (well besides ya know Cam & Deuce) is awesome! I love being able to come home to a semi clean and quiet home everyday! Speaking of cleaning... 10 minutes and I can speed clean the whole 700 square foot place. Pretty awesome.

I love reading and looking at house tours on other people's blog. I dream of having a beautiful, spacious, full of natural light home that I can show off on blog land. And while day dreaming and sitting on the floor in our living room trying to figure out my new fact camera and decided I would snap some pictures of our apartment. These are things I want to remember and to have documented. These pictures will be fun to look back on in ten years to remind us of our younger selves. This is our first home and it is something to be proud of! So without further a dew? is that a word? Here were go...

Our living room... Can you find Deuce?

We were given both of these couches for free from a family friend
they have been perfect. My gram & I made the pillows

This guy basically runs the house

That book right there is gold... you should read it. 

don't pay any attention to the fact that our Mr. &  Mrs. frame still has no picture in it or that I have a picture frame covered up with another picture...

He lays here basically all day (when not on the couch) and waits for Cam to come home

I am kind of obsessed with this rug

Our tiny pantry complete with the chalkboard sign used at our wedding
Cam's bar... I surprised him with a "stock the bar" party for his 24th birthday

good days start with coffee & you

We do have a bed... our first purchase as a married couple! I am a ding bat & forgot to take a "real" picture of it. 

    I figured this should be documented as well because this is a lesson I am going to need to teach my sons. I came home from class one night to find my West Elm bedding taken off of the bed and this Camo bedding on... Future men of America do not do this to your wives. That husband... he is a funny one. 

I am still learning my own style and have had fun decorating our little space. It is amazing what you can do with things you already have and little to no money.  Oh, and I guess I should mention that we do in fact have indoor plumbing, our own shower and even a fairly big shared closet! We also have a closet housing our washer & dryer in the kitchen. I can only imagine where we will be 10 years from now, hopefully not back in apartment, but ya get what ya get and ya don't throw a fit right?! 


  1. Luckily my husband allows me to put whatever bedding that I want on our bed... but I wouldn't be TOO surprised if he changed it without me knowing. I love your place!!!

    1. haha thank you so much Allison! Cam let me pick everything out for our bedroom he just thought I would be fine with Camo for a day.... I had to remind him that we don't actually live in the woods!