June 4, 2014

What I forgot to tell you

A video of the beautiful beach and water because why not? I was reading my recap of our honeymoon... basically I was trying to make myself believe I was back at the beach while sitting at my desk... at work and I noticed that I had left out some important and funny details of our honeymoon. 

What I forgot to tell you...
  • We almost died on a taxi... no really we decided it would be smart to just pay $1 and ride the town taxi instead of a real taxi. I don't have a picture of what these look like, but just imagine a truck with bleacher seats in the truck bed. Yeah so, we got on and we were the only white people and I felt totally fine until this guy with a long jacket got on. He had his hands in his pockets and just looked sketchy. Everyone moved away from him and he was mumbling under his breath curse words and things like "I kill yo mother". I felt like we were in the Bad Boys 2 movie with Will Smith and that funny guy... Jamaican accent and everything. Needless to say we didn't get on a town taxi again after that experience. 
  • My husband passed out at 6 pm on the third night of our honeymoon. One too many pain killers and shots from the bartender and the pool bar will get ya! I had to walk him back to the hotel and he quickly passed out on the end of the bed. I decided to shower and I was interrupted when I heard him hurling his insides out! He is just lucky he made it out onto the balcony and we had left over pizza from the night before. Can't wait to tell that story to our kids. 
  • Speaking of Pain Killers... that is one of the USVI specialty drinks. I don't remember what all was in it, but after one I was feeling pretty good and Cam had 3 that day as well as other drinks. 
  • It is mandatory that you listen to Kenny Chesney on repeat while visiting the islands... specifically his Life on a Rock cd :)  

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