June 19, 2013


     Well... I came back from vacation. Actually I have been back since Sunday, but have had no desire to do anything productive. :)

Garner state park was beautiful. I road tripped with the O family on Monday morning and we made it in about 6 hours. I love road trips... especially road trips with three cute little babes (does a 6 year old count as a baby?). I happen to be marrying into a family that has four of the greatest little babes... Addi (the youngest baby who lives in Oklahoma) was not able to make it and we missed her and her parents. I sure enjoyed spending time with the three little Texans though!

Our camp spot was just a few steps from the river and also the bathrooms. Yes... I survived a whole week using community showers and bathrooms! The river was amazing and crystal clear. We enjoyed floating in the river, making smores, and catching lightning bugs.

Speaking of lightning bugs anytime I said that word I was lectured by the sweet 6 year old. She insists that they should be called fireflies and nothing else. The cute 4 year old called them thunder bugs and I hope to remember that little voice forever.

We moved north to New Braunfels at the end of the week. The boys and Amanda were able to join us just as Randi left to head to New Mexico. Glad they came down because we missed them so much while we were camping in Garner. Saturday we floated the Comel river and cooked steaks for dinner at the campsite!

 I hope to make it back some day, but I hope next time the rain stays away and the sun shines down the whole time.


  1. Awesome pics... and that river is GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you! The river was just amazing!