June 29, 2016

CRM Weeks 5-8

Nicknames: Cammy, itty bitty, and Baby girl

Weight: We weighed her on our home scale the day she turned 8 weeks and she was about 10 pounds. We weighed her ok the fed ex scale at work and she was 10 lbs 7 oz. She has definitely grown an inch or so as well. We go to her 2 month check up when we get back from vacation.

Clothes: I switched out all of the newborn sized clothes for 0-3 and 3 months during week 7. She was getting too long for the newborn sizes.

Diapers: This week (week 8) we just moved to size 1.

Likes: She likes when her daddy bounces her and talks to her. She likes her warm baths and being outside. She enjoys watching her dogs when they walk by her. She has turned into a snacker and only downs her bottles when she is starving after a long nap. She still thinks her dad's truck is the best.

Dislikes: Being cold, we still haven't mastered getting out of the bath without her losing her mind yet. She has had a bit of colic since week 4 and we are slowly getting over that. We have nights here and there still where she cries for an hour or so, but that is much better than the three hours she was crying for at week 5! She does not like being hungry and as soon as she decides it is time to eat you better be ready!

Schedule: She eats pretty much every two hours. She wakes up around 7 or 8 and is usually taking her first nap by about 9 am. If we are out and about she likes to be awake so her napping schedule will get all out of wack. She is sleeping 6 or 7 hour stretches at night.

Milestones: Her cries have changed and I can now tell between her tired cry or just plain mad cry. She follows you with her eyes now and can see further distances. She holds her head up all the time and pretends she isn't actually a baby. She will stretch out her legs and try to stand up now as well. She enjoys sitting up with assistance and being able to look around at everything that is going on.

Other Milestones: She attended her first wedding. She had her first long road trip and was an absolute champ! She smiles all the time and is especially smiley first thing in the morning.

Looking forward to: We are flying out to Cabo soon and I am super nervous and excited for her first flight. When we get back she will be dedicated at the church and we are looking forward to that time as well.

Cambree Reece,

Baby girl you have completely changed our lives for the better. It is hard to remember the times when you were not here. Your daddy and I love you so very much, even when you're screaming at us at 5 am :) . We are enjoying watching you grow up and learn and experience new things. You are getting quite the little personality. Love you so much itty bitty.


your mama

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