May 27, 2016

She's Here!

Cambree Reece arrived bright and early on a Tuesday morning three weeks ago! We have been wrapped up in all things baby lately and haven't had time to update this little blog of mine. I have a handful of posts in mind to write, mainly for me to have to add to our yearbooks for the future!

Life with a newborn is just that, new and oh so exciting. I have taken 3858943 pictures of her and my computer is already notifying me of needing more space. She has her daddy and I wrapped around her tiny little fingers.  Speaking of her daddy, I need to write a whole post on how amazing he is. Watching Cam step into the role of fatherhood has been beautiful. I always knew he would be a great dad, but he surprises me every day with just how amazing he is. Over the past three weeks, the relationship between Cam and I has grown stronger and of course we are over the moon in love with our girl. 

He calls her baby girl and I melt every time. Cambree has started to smile :) and yes I am thinking they are real smiles and not just gas because she also looks directly into your eyes and will respond to you. She also is now all stretched out and no longer a curled up newborn. We are obsessed with giving her all the kisses. 

She rocked her first Doctor's appointment and was back up to her birth weight. Our two week appointment however was not very pleasant. Over the second week Cam wanted to nurse on demand and instead of spacing those out within an hour or so she was eating every thirty minutes and my supply just couldn't keep up. With the advice from our doctor we decided to supplement formula as well as breastfeed and it has worked great! She not only went back up to her birth weight, but she gained more! She also has slept much better and my boobs are healing up and producing more milk. 
Speaking of breast feeding, I went in expecting it to be hard, but it is so much harder. Truly an act of selflessness and oh my painful. But, it is also super empowering and awesome to know your feeding your baby from your own body. With that being said, I know she needs more than I can give her and I have no problem with formula. We are working on a good routine to incorporate both breastmilk and formula. I am super tankful for such a good baby who has no problem with going from breast to bottle or bottle to breast.

Our current schedule is to feed every two hours during the day and she will wake up about every three at night. She has been a fantastic little babe. She has already had a road trip to Oklahoma and a road trip to Abilene. She has met her Great Gram and Great Papa as well as her Big Paw Paw and Grandma Linda. She is the 13th great grand baby for Big Paw Paw :) 

We think she is absolutely beautiful and we are so so in love. I plan on writing her birth story soon!

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