November 4, 2014


We sang this song in church on Sunday... this and many other songs. I love this song and always have, but boy did it hit me hard on Sunday. My in-laws had the privilege of having a sleep over with the O grand babies which meant they got to come to church with us! We dropped the bigs off in Children's Church and Maddyn got to come to service with us. Cam held her the first half of the service and I got to see just how amazing it will be in the future to have our own littles. 

God sure does make beautiful things because that whole service all I could see was His beauty. He showed His grace in the way the little old ladies behind us fawned over sweet Maddyn. His beauty shined through Maddyn's sweet little eyes looking taking it all in. 

He showed his beauty while worshipping to this song while I was holding the sweet sleeping baby in my arms. Boy does He make beautiful things. 

Jim, my father-in-law, was chosen to speak at church this Sunday and all I could think of was how blessed I am to have a man that leads His family, while sitting next to the son he had raised and the wife he walks in this life with. I was also holding his 5th grand baby and boy was it sweet. 

I hope I remember just how amazing that service was. I hope I am able to tell Maddyn someday that she was such a good baby in church and maybe one day she can hold one of my babies in church! :) 

He makes beautiful things. He makes beautiful things out of dust. 

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