September 20, 2013

Our First Look

     We chose to do our first look in the chapel area at the Northeast Wedding Chapel.
To be totally honest I do not actually remember everything from that moment. It was all happening so fast and I was totally flooded with emotions. Before our first look... actually before the big day I remember thinking that I would probably cry (happy tears, don't worry) just like I had seen in all the other wedding pictures I had found on Pinterest or have a super cute expression like my sister-in-law did. Surprisingly, I think the first words out of my mouth were "do you like my dress?" I am not sure what I was thinking... obviously the man is going to like my dress... what groom is going to tell their bride no?...

Anyways, back to the story telling. It was arranged that we would be at the alter and Cam would be facing the opposite way of the doors I would be walking in. I was to walk up and touch his left shoulder so he could turn around... I tapped his right and his first words were "you touched the wrong shoulder". Gosh... We are some romantic people! Ha!

He had THE biggest smile I have ever seen and let me tell ya, that boy has a huge smile! I was completely elated and floating on cloud 9. I remember holding his hand and hugging him. It was perfect! We then looked over and noticed our moms were peaking in at the end of the isle! :)

Our "first look" was perfect and I wish I could relive it every day!

All pictures were taken by George Street Photo & Video