August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

    What... really? Is it already August 26th?! I can not believe this summer went by so fast. It was really a whirlwind of happiness and fun. I do not think we will beat this summer for a while... at least until next summer :)

August 26th means:
I have been married to Cam for ONE Month! 
I start my Graduate Program today.
I have been working at Utopia Graphix for two weeks and loving it. 
We have been home from our honeymoon for three weeks.
Cam had major surgery almost two weeks ago and is recovering well.
We have moved into our apartment and slowly, but surely making it ours. 
Deuce (our dog) has visited the vet for the first time in 7 years... 
Yes. 7. He is a super healthy and lively dog who has never needed to see a vet. 
We have had two consecutive Mav-O Family Sunday dinners.
Cam has cooked 5 different meals in our home. 
I have happily vacuumed and cleaned all 700 square feet approximately 15 times. 
Our nephew turned 3!
My little baby Ben whom I used to nanny turned 1! 

     So with all of those events it is safe to say we have been busy over here. I would not change one thing about this crazy busy season. I have loved every minute of it... even when I was stressed to the max about the wedding! Speaking of wedding... I plan on recapping that in its entirety sometime this year. No promises on when that will happen. I can promise you that the wait will be worth it because our wedding day was absolutely perfect! 

For now I will leave you with this... One of my most favorite pictures from our wedding day!

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